“One Year” — March 2009 recap

Okay, so this is a recap of the March efforts which were on paperwork and the office as a general thing. Unfortunately, March is also when I started having more health problems, so I didn’t get as much done with this as I would have liked. However, I do have a fairly clear desk, an organized filing drawer and a lovely system for organizing Ben’s homeschool materials (Core Knowledge stuff). We’ll have to move to a different system later, but for now this works for us. We have more control over the paper inflow and outflow in the house, and with very little difficulty I think I could lay hands on any of P’s paperwork if I needed to (particularly if I didn’t have to fear his wrath for messing with his desk).

April is bathroom and time-wasting habits month. This should prove interesting as our bathrooms are, well, already fairly well organized and work fairly well for us. I’m taking this as a sign that I should split my focus between my office and my bathrooms. Also, continue working on the removal of things that we’ve earmarked for removal. As I’ve said before, the biggest issue there is P’s difficulty with letting things go. As for time-wasting habits, this is definitely something I need to work on. I have to be more productive with my work related efforts so that I can pursue my other activities (including Ben’s activities — he wants swim lessons, desperately, but not quite desperately enough to use the potty — yet). So, I will be reviewing the material on these two areas this week and getting to work.

It’s April; it’s actual springy weather in Florida; it’s almost Easter. All reasons to recommit myself to this project.

One thing we did get done in the last week is finally hanging our pictures in the front hall. I had this vision for a long time of a wall of pictures, and I finally managed to get off my butt last Friday and hang the pictures. Top row is a picture of Ben with the blanket his godmother made him, a family portrait, and a picture of Katie with the blanket her godmother made her (all I can say is, I know how to pick supremely talented godmothers). The next row is a picture of Sam, a picture of Ben, a picture of Peyton, and there will be a picture of Katie. P moved the frames out of Katie’s bedroom and, well, we have to find them. Katie’s picture is sitting on the counter waiting. The nail is already there. So, I’m on it. The second row is birthday pictures. I take a picture (or have pictures taken) on birthdays. So Sam’s is very new and she’s very grey. Ben’s is his 3 year old picture. Peyton’s is her three year old picture. Katie’s will be her Gene Simmons impression picture because it makes me laugh and she’s not a year old yet :).

So, progress is being made and I”m pleased with how the house is coming together and how my children are developing. Now, if Peyton would walk NICELY on a leash, we’d be all set :).

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