Rainy Days

We are having what we euphemistically call weather. The fact that it has a circular motion and the appearance of an eye? Nah, that’s just a storm ’cause it’s not hurricane season yet. At any rate, we have rain. Lots and lots of rain.

And Ben is three heading to four fast.

I’m sure you can see the problem here; I know I can. Add to that my academic institution had server problems over the weekend and we have a recipe for a stressed out mom and a hyper kid. We made a valiant attempt to harness some of that drive and energy to the whole potty training experience. That was a bust.

So, now I’m working on what I’m going to do with him for the rest of the week assuming the rain continues at its current pace. My hope is to be caught up from server issues tonight so that I can concentrate on finding things for him to do tomorrow.

Currently, I’m leaning toward some sort of painting project. Maybe a banner for P’s upcoming birthday.

I’m also thinking as many games of Hullabaloo as we can both stand.

Since the weather isn’t knocking out the power we might also do movies and popcorn, which is always a favorite.

He’s dying to learn how to play checkers, so maybe I’ll take some time tomorrow to teach him how to do that.

We’re also looking at as many games of hide and seek and tag as the dogs will let us play. Peyton imagines herself a pointer, so it’s rather challenging for me to hide what with her sitting right where she can be seen at all times and pointing straight at me.

Tonight was capped by reading him A Visitor for Bear recommended by BabyToolKit here. Ben loved it, which I kind of figured that he would. He is big on visitors and people (mice) who are persistent.

The only other thing going on here is that Katie is cutting her first tooth, making her fussy, difficult baby, which is weird because that is totally unlike her personality.