Curriculum 2012-13 Reconsidered — Katie

So, remember me of the kicking rocks, issues with the whole what to do with Katie thing? You can click back a blog post if you don’t remember. Anyway, I was settled with being a little dissatisfied and trying to do something for her. And then I got a catalog in the mail. Now, I admit, I’m as susceptible as the next person to a good ad. But, this junior K program seems like an answer to my prayers. It’s structured enough to guarantee that she’s going to get time and attention from mom each week. Has enough different things to keep her interested, but not so much that she can’t still tag in on her brother’s things if she’s interested. And it has a checklist for mom. That checklist is the thing that I think is going to help me succeed with her because I feel like she doesn’t get a chance to actually develop her skills and learn as her brother’s education sucks all the air out of the room. Will this be a program we stick with for her? We have no idea. We agree that the junior Kindergarten investment seems worth it for her and seems to work with what we know are her current strengths. Have I lost my mind? Possibly. I know she won’t use Oak Meadow (a curriculum I already have around here somewhere because it’s not her thing, nor is it Ben’s thing for that matter). I don’t like Sonlight for a number of reasons. Ditto Calvert. And, after junior Kindergarten, I admit, there are parts of this that I don’t like either, but as a point to give her some focus to her preK days, I think this is the ticket. FOR HER. And maybe also for Mama. We’ll see.

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