A Twirly Skirt and Two Little Girls

Last winter, a twitter friend of mine (@prairiemama) decided to make a skirt that she dubbed the Maddie strip skirt. It was named for Heather Spohr‘s beautiful daughter Maddie. Maddie was about a year older than Katie and a beautiful little girl whose favorite color happened to be purple. So is Katie’s. This skirt just had to be hers, and so it is. I had it made for when she turned two because I thought a twirly skirt made more sense at that age than when she wasn’t walking yet. Today is the first day that her “bibi Maddie” skirt fit.

See, even though Katie was only six months old when Maddie died, she knows who Maddie is. That’s the power of the internet. Katie and I walked for Maddie (well, Katie rolled in her stroller) and wore March for Maddie shirts. Katie carries her shirt around with her and talks to “bibi Maddie” all the time. Next to “bibi Sally” that “bibi Maddie” shirt is her favorite comfort object. She takes the shirt to doctor’s visits (of which she has many), she likes to cuddle with it before naps, and she has an absolute fit when it has to go into the washing machine (yes, I’ve taken to hand washing the shirt, wouldn’t you?).

And here is “bibi Katie” wearing her “bibi Maddie” skirt.

For those wondering, “bibi” is the way that Katie says “baby.” Also, the link to @prairiemama’s Etsy site is live. She is still making this skirt and 50% of the profits go to the March of Dimes in Maddie’s name. It’s a perfect Christmas present for any little girl, don’t you think?

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