Katie Update

Quickie update. Talked briefly with her pediatrician who is convinced that this is nothing to worry about. Perfectly normal. Logical spot for screws to have been placed. If the areas seem to be getting more pronounced, I should call her surgeon on Monday. But even from last night to today, I can see that they’re a little less pronounced, so I’m not going to worry and let it ride for the moment.

However, I will be calling the neurosurgeon on Monday, anyway, because it dawned on me that I called a MONTH ago to schedule her follow up and they still haven’t called me back. GRRR.

Once we have that one scheduled, I have to schedule her pediatrician appointment and then her follow up eye appointment to check and see what’s going on with the strabismus that was identified last July. For a child who hates doctors with a fiery passion, she sure is going to see a lot of them.

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