Weekly Wrap Up 05/09/10

This is the first of what will be a weekly feature here at adjunctmom — the weekly wrap up. This covers homeschooling and any other weekly challenges that I undertake. This has been a busy week on all fronts:

Monday: Ben and I went for a walk. He did sprints back and forth to me while we walked the longer loop in our neighborhood. We read stories, but didn’t do any focused homeschooling as Monday is usually a day off.

Tuesday: Ben worked on reading, handwriting, and math. For reading, he is working on letter H in Get Set for the Code (GSC) (55-56). For handwriting he did the capital letter I. In math, he continued working on math facts — specifically that zero added to a number means the number stays the same. I did some cardio boxing with the Wii.

Wednesday: He worked on reading, handwriting, math, geography, and arts and crafts. For reading he did one page on the letter H in GSC. He practiced writing his name in all of the Mother’s Day cards that we were sending out. This time it was upper case B, uppercase E, and lower case N. He did some additional practice on basic addition through 4, and worked on our map skills. For this map, he was working on finding locations based on the map and describing things based upon their proximity to other things. For arts & crafts, he made a laptop out of a file folder (complete with an Apple on the lid), a big screen TV and a remote control. I know I worked out (check marks on the list, but I can’t remember what I did).

Thursday: We worked on measuring and pouring. This was more of an active day rather than a sit and do work day. We talked a bit about sorting and organizing. I have some activities planned for next week that will finish off this lesson for him. Then we’ll move on to the next activity set for Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding. Ben loves to do book work (probably because it has a clear finish line, so he knows when he is finished). I’m definitely going to have to get better at record keeping, because I, again, have no idea what I did for exercise, but I know I did because I checked it off on the list.

Friday: Daddy day. It is my understanding that they worked on making a Mother’s day card for me and decorations for Mother’s day. I walked over 12,000 steps, so I think that counts as exercise for the day.

Saturday: Gym day. Ben played in the play center and then had a swimming lesson. I took a swimming lesson (that involved swimming across the pool many, many times while practicing my breathing, strokes, and/or kicks (depending on which drill I was doing — Lord help me). I also did ten minutes on the Elliptical at level 2. We also talked about opposite pairs in the car and Ben made up a song about opposite pairs.

Sunday: Map skills were first up today. We worked on positioning and directions and the idea that there are specific locations inside buildings that can be mapped (an apartment building). He did another page or practice math problems. Worked on writing the lower case i and the number 4. He also did two pages of reading practice. If he’s a heavy breather later in life, we’ll have Get Set for the Code to thank for it. We did Wii bowling as a family, which I consider active enough for today.

My best guess is that he will be in Go for the Code before the end of next week. We’re going to place an order next week to get the rest of the materials we need for this and we’ll be able to do a couple more days during the week. We tend to take off small chunks of time over the course of a year, so school is more of an ongoing process than something that has a definitive beginning and end. We just pick up where we left off and keep going. I order more materials as they’re needed, so I think we’re in good, good shape here.