One Bite at A Time: Week 1

I decided to jump on board with the One Bite at a Time Challenge over at Sam’s Noggin. This is where we’ll spend the next 52 weeks going through Tsh Oxenreider’s new ebook, One Bite at a Time. The idea is that each week we’ll pick a new project and work on it, then report back at the end of the week. Some folks are going in order, but this is me. I can’t manage to go in order if my life depends on it. I picked one I thought would be doable this week and went with it.

I’ve been working on clearing the junk out of my email. Somehow, I’ve ended up receiving way more emails about things I’m not the slightest bit interested in than I can count, but for the last week, every time one came in, I found the unsubscribe link and removed myself from the mailing list. My inbox seems clearer and it is so much easier to go through email and find what I need now. There’s a bit more to it than just unsubscribing, and if you’d like to know more, please consider buying Tsh’s ebook and joining in on this year long life improvement project.

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