And now . . .

for something a little different. Normally, I post reviews on Wednesday. However, today, I’m sick; Ben is sick; and, we’re really just hanging on by our fingernails around here. So, instead of my planned review, let me point my “crafty” friends to a wonderful group that is working on some fantastic projects.
Craft Hope is an organization that works to bring something special and handmade to children who otherwise might not get something of that nature. Right now, they’re working on dolls. I’m the first to admit that my dollmaking skills may be questionable, but I think I’m going to give it try. I hope that everyone else considers, if not this project, then another project of theirs when it comes up.

A tip of the hat to BabyToolKit for pointing this out to me. Here’s hoping this cold blows over quickly and we’ll all be back together soon.