For the love . . .

Of For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. I’m probably one of the last bloggers to weigh in today on this book, and I doubt I’ll write the best post, but I wanted to say that this book has irretrievably, irrevocably changed my life. I was one of the lucky five hundred chosen to be part of her launch team. I have likely not been the best launch team member, but I was gifted with the chance to know these words and to know her heart months before the launch of this book.

We all know that my everyone must read this book is Ishamel by Daniel Quinn, but if I can have a second, it’s this book. Why?

Because she tells it like it is and challenges each of us to think seriously about our perspective and whether we might have lost it along the way. She has helped me to be a more passionate member of my church community (I hope others see that), and she reminded me of the one truth I will carry with me always: “Theology is either true everywhere or it isn’t true anywhere” (p 17).

It isn’t necessary to do all the things. You *can’t* do all the things. And this book will help you remember or help you find or reinforce that God never asked us to do all the things. He asked us to do our thing. find your thing and do it well. It’s what we are meant to do, asked to do, and called to do.

Jen’s thing is to write a book that resonates across generations of women and helps build community. Read this, it will make you feel better. You can get it here: For the Love

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