Easing Back In . . .

with a little story of homeschooling success. Ben uses Life of Fred for math, but he mightily resented the Honey cards and memorizing multiplication facts. This wasn’t a serious issue for him until about chapter 5 of Kidneys when he announced that he felt he should have paid more attention to those math facts earlier on and wanted to know what he could do about it. As luck would have it, I had discovered a fascinating card game called Speed. We have been playing Two Speed for a couple of weeks now and yesterday, Ben came up with a proposal. He wanted us to let him work on each level of Speed for a month and then test him to see if he knew his facts. If he did, then we could move on to the next level of speed. I counter-proposed that we work on Speed for two weeks, try the test, and if he didn’t pass, do two more weeks and try again. He agreed.

He took his Two times table test today and aced it. He was bursting with pride and showed the test to his dad. He then demanded that we get out Three Speed and work on that. He is very proud about that.

He is also fascinated by a new book called The 52 New Foods Challenge although he’s not thrilled with some of the foods on the list. I did not realize that this author also has a game out: Crunch a Color that will be in our hands today. If I can even get him slightly interested in eating food that isn’t white, I will consider it a huge victory.

We have been hanging in there. Some days without Sam are really hard, some days we seem okay. The kids are busy with lots of activities and I am determined to start updating this blog more regularly. Mostly with homeschooling stuff and dog stuff, but we’ll see where we go. I’ve missed being out here in the blogosphere and I hope that this time I’m really coming back.

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