Our Latest Food Experiment & an Unexpected Result

Trying to deal with Mr. Picky is really a full time job. He doesn’t like a lot of foods and he doesn’t like foods that touch. If it was up to him he would eat white food and that’s it, but it is a process. We keep trying and we keep seeing what we can accomplish. Enter Weelicious, I bought the first cookbook awhile ago, but no interest was generated. Then the lunches book came out and, suddenly, we had interest. A lot of interest. We have been experimenting with recipes for both breakfast and lunch and we’ve been having fun.

This week, we tried Cinnamon Roll Sushi. The recipe is only available in the cookbook Weelicious Lunches, but it is so worth it. Anyway, one of the ingredients is cream cheese. Mr. Picky was suspicious at first and didn’t think he would like it, but he’s apparently now a fan. He loves this and has eaten at least four times this week. It’s been awesome.

The unexpected side effect of having the whipped cream cheese in the house happened yesterday. Sam is on a VERY tight pill schedule. She has to have them at precise times or we see her go into serious pain. It was time for her meds and I discovered that we had used the last of her peanut butter that morning. I was tossing ideas around in my head (which didn’t involve the car and loading kids into it), when I thought about the cream cheese. She’s never had it (I know 15 1/2 years old and never had cream cheese; yes, I’m a terrible person), and with Sam it could either be a good thing or a bad thing. So, I loaded her pills into a wad of cream cheese, rolled it up to look like a meatball, and took it to her.

Sam is a naturally suspicious dog. She believes that every person approaching her with food is doing so with the intent to poison her. She checks out everything before she eats it. So, the head came down to look at this weird ball of stuff in Mom’s hand. After determining that it wasn’t an explosive, she sniffed it. I got the fish eye. This usually means she’s going to reject whatever it is, but today, she decided to give it the lick test. The tongue came out for a small taste.

And then it happened. Her eyes lit up, and she scooped up the cream cheese ball and wolfed it down. And then licked my hands completely clean. That NEVER happens.

So not only is Weelicious introducing my son to food that he might never otherwise eat, it is helping me keep my elderly dog properly medicated. Have to love that :).

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