February 3 in 30: Wrap up/March 3 in 30: Goals

3in30 Challenge

February Wrap Up

Positive Parenting Solutions

I failed utterly at this one. I didn’t manage to watch one session or complete one worksheet. So, that was a bust.

Drink More Water

I did it. I now consistently drink at least 2 32-oz glasses of water (or water mixed with Crystal Light Pure) every single day. It’s definitely improved how I feel and I’ve even lost a tiny bit of weight as a result.

28 Days To Hope for Your Home

I completed all 28 days and my kitchen, bathrooms, and clutter areas have not looked better in years. I’m really very pleased. It took very little time to get organized for a visit from an AC repair person. Woohoo!

March Goals

Positive Parenting Solutions

My goal is to watch one session, complete the worksheet, and incorporate the actions into our parenting “plan.” I think this is much more manageable and actually gives the sessions and their material the time that they should receive.

Stop Eating at 8p

Because I work in the evenings, I have a bad habit of snacking all the way through my work sessions, so my plan this month is to stop that. I can drink, but no more eating while working. We’ll see what that does.

Mindset for Moms

I seem to be using my third goal as sort of an e-book a month kind of thing and that actually works for me. So, this month I’m going to read Jamie Martin’s Mindset for Moms and see if I can improve my attitude.

This is the weekly link up page. Please go there if you’re joining in, want to see what others are doing and so forth.

2 thoughts on “February 3 in 30: Wrap up/March 3 in 30: Goals

  1. Great goals! I’m really trying to drink more water, but fail miserably most day. I don’t know why it’s so difficult! I think I just get distracted and forget about it…. Good luck this month. 🙂

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