December 3 in 30: And on the last day

3in30 Challenge

Read the Daily Office

I’ve read it every day for the last 35 days. I think that makes it almost a habit. My intention had been to read it in the morning, but that doesn’t always happen. I try though.

Slow Down

I did this as well. P was shocked when there were two days the week before Christmas and most days the week after Christmas completely unscheduled. No activities; no work; no nothing. It’s been a good break and helpful in that respect.

Build a Schedule

Still working on this. It turns out that this is a much larger undertaking than I imagined. I needed to just keep plugging away at it, and I’ll hopefully have it done soon.

This is the weekly link up page. Please go there if you want to see how others did this month. I’ll be back tomorrow with new goals and hopefully a renewed commitment to the blog. We’ll see.


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