December 3 in 30: Week 1 and 2

3in30 Challenge

Read the Daily Office

This is going well. The app on my phone makes it easy. I added in a Worship playlist and it’s just a perfect combination to get my mornings going. I read the evening psalm sometime in the evening and it all works for me. Yay.

Slow Down

I have actually slowed things down a bit. We aren’t doing as much. I’m not trying to jam in everything, though it apparently feels that way to P. This weekend is a bit jammed up, but it’s going to be worth it, I think. Both kids have mini-dance recitals. We have a couple of work things and Ben has a dress rehearsal of his “big play” on Sunday after church. But the next week is really slow. This weekend is packed and then it’s a vast white space on my calendar until Christmas eve. I think that’s slowing things down. A lot. I haven’t tried to do everything. I haven’t tried to do all the cool things I wanted to do. I’m just taking it slow. Even if this particular weekend doesn’t feel like it.

Build a Schedule

I have finished reading Managers of Their Homes. I’m starting to work on the first part of building the schedule. I’m thinking this will work for us. My biggest issue is to figure out what Katie can do while Ben is doing school. Ben has been absolutely heroic in completing his school work the last two days while his sister has been doing her darnedest to distract him, me, etc. We need to give the child something to do. Sigh. Now I need to figure out how to school two kids. I thought I had a bit more time.

This is the weekly link up page. Please go there if you’re joining in, want to see what others are doing and so on.

And I’m glad to be back 🙂

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