December 3 in 30: Goals

3in30 Challenge

Read the Daily Office

Um, daily. Kind of like the name implies. I have this handy app on my phone now that gives me the office for the day, so I don’t have the excuse of having to look it all up anymore. So, for this month I want to try to read it, you know, daily. I figure if I can get the habit going maybe I can keep it going. We’ll see.

Slow Down

Last night, Fr. Doug (who probably doesn’t mind me talking about him, but one never knows so I won’t link to his blog) showed us a Rob Bell video. Now, I know there’s a lot of fuss in a lot of circles about Rob Bell and I understand that. Heck, I even get, to a degree, why he makes people fussy. However, this video (“Shells”, if you’re wondering) made me wonder about my God-given purpose and I realized that I really need to slow down and figure out if I’m living in alignment with what I believe my purpose to be. So, part of that is trying to slow down a bit (though today has not been one of my best examples of that, sigh). To me, this means trying to be more deliberate in the choices that I make and trying not to be influenced, too much, by the outside when I decide how I’m going to devote my time this month.

Build a Schedule

I have all these amazing books and stuff on scheduling and the benefits thereof. Now, instead of letting them sit here, I’m going to spend this month working through one of them (Managers of Their Homes) and attempt to build a schedule. I know, from a brief foray into scheduling before P went on vacation that schedules work for me better than I thought they would, but as soon as he was on vacation my whole schedule was done. Sigh. So, back to that, too.

This is the weekly link up page. Please go there if you’re joining in, want to see what others are doing and so on.

And I’m glad to be back 🙂

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