October 3 in 30: Week 1

3in30 Challenge

Clean Out the Bookcases.

Continuing apace. I need to get a picture of the inside of my husband’s truck. We focused the effort there and on cleaning out the bins in the bedroom. We moved books from the truck to the bins, BUT there was method to that madness. We took all the magazines and catalogs out of the bins first. Those have all been recycled and then we put all the books from the truck into the bins so a) P has a truck to drive if he wants to and b) the books are more or less in one space and I can find them.

Course Revision

One of the first new pieces that I’m adding to this course is written. This is a huge step building on the research that deals with concept inventories, but making it appropriate to the class that I’m building. It was more work to make the charts I needed than it was to come up with the question and it’s received good feedback from the folks reviewing so that’s good. I’ve also been checking data and figuring out what works and what doesn’t with the discussion question sets we currently have. Since I wrote the questions, I can tell you that’s always fun. Also sorted out some issues with assignment language that need to be addressed. A lot of what I say about this is necessarily vague. The course is proprietary and belongs to someone else when I’m finished, but for those students who wonder — it takes a lot of work to build a good online course.

Develop a Weekly Schedule.

So far, I’m flailing around like a crazy person, so the schedule idea is not working out as well as I’d like. I tried drawing a quadrant map today so my son could see everything I have to do this weekend. He was not happy with the amount of work that mom is going to be doing and wants to know where the fun is. You know what? I want to know that, too. So, with luck I’ll be able to work on a schedule next week that’s better than the vague-ish thing I had this week.

Here’s the linkto the weekly link up. Make sure you check out the goals that others’ are setting.

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