The Homeschool Mother’s Journal 2011-2012 — Week 6

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… I’m one seminar down at school. I managed to stay on top of things and we’re now entering what’s know around here as “hell week.” This is the week that I spend a lot of time tutoring. Also? Ben has his first loose tooth. He is VERY excited.

In our homeschool this week… We have butterflies!!!!! All five of Ben’s chrysalids have become butterflies. We tried the tissue method of feeding and not surprisingly, they didn’t appreciate that. So fresh flowers were brought in and they’re feeding like champs. We did a couple of Chapters of Fred, lots of reading, some writing, and a drum lesson. Katie had a dance lesson and did the same science sheet that Ben did.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Those butterfly pavilions are not really designed well. P is determined to tweak ours before Katie does this in a few years.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Well, we had an adventure last weekend. We went down to the Florida Railroad Museum to celebrate the kids’ godfather’s birthday. We got to ride in the caboose. It was an historic meeting between the two Katies. Their godfather’s mother also happens to be named Katie so we have K1 and K2, and this was the first time the two met. I think they liked each other very much. And in huge news, P and I went out, by ourselves, on Sunday. I believe they call that a date . . . but it’s been so long, I’m not sure. Anyway, Ben’s swim teacher offered to babysit, and since both kids adore her, we took her up on it. It went so well the kids wanted to go home with her. Assuming they haven’t terrified her away, we’ll be doing that again.

My favorite thing this week was… Laughing ourselves silly last night while reading about Henry Huggins’ haircut in Henry and Ribsy. Ben LOVES these books by Beverly Cleary. I strongly recommend them for all kids everywhere. Seriously.

What’s working/not working for us… Amazingly, math has started to work. He finally got into it and we’re taking off. It’s awesome. Completely awesome. The only thing not working right now is mom working. We can’t seem to find a good balance between my homeschool students and my college students. I’m sure it will come. I keep reminding myself that we’re going to have to shift things around and rebalance every year and that this is just the start of a lifelong process of balancing needs.

Things I’m working on… grading. I’m nearly always grading. Also? Trying to figure out how to make the lesson for Sunday school work better next week. We were racing through trying to get it finished. Sigh.

I’m reading… How Learning Works by Susan Ambrose et al., it really fits in well with the book I finished earlier this week by Doyle. I can see what they’re trying to get across, too, and starting to see how it all fits together for my students.

I’m cooking… um, not much. We’ve even resorted to store bought cookies for the kids. That’s bad. I mean, that’s about as bad as it gets.

I’m grateful for…
Allergy testing. It was super-easy and I have an appointment on November 1 to find out the results and where we go from here. I’m really hoping that this gives us the answer that we need and helps us find a plan that moves us forward.

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One thought on “The Homeschool Mother’s Journal 2011-2012 — Week 6

  1. How did you like the railroad museum? Our one son is a train aficianado and we go to as many of them as we can! I am am SLP but went back to school this year for a second masters because i want to parlay into doing adjuct teaching at home online also! what a coincidence! what subjects do you teach? stopping by from the HMJ linkup.

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