September 3in30 Challenge: Week 3

3in30 Challenge

    1. Clean Out the Bookcases.

there are no pictures this week because I’m honestly too sore to go get my camera. For reasons not worth going into Ben kicked me in the knee, the “bad” one and then Peyton very accidentally head butted the same knee. It’s a tad swollen at the moment and prefers me to rest it, so resting I am. I have now finished book case #2 and started work on my grandmother’s desk. I’m still waiting for box removal to happen, so this is probably going to turn into a two month project rather than a one month project. Oh well, one of my hallmarks is that I vastly underestimate the time it will take me to do something. On the plus side, I’ve been selling what books amazon wants back to amazon. I’ve made enough doing that to purchase the keyboard stand and bench that P and I have been talking about getting. Now I just need to finish with the boxes so we can set it up in the location I’ve chosen (by my grandmother’s desk).

    1. Create a mission statement.

If you go back to my post on Monday, you can see a completed draft of my mission statement. I’ve copied it into my planner and I’m living with it. So far, it is helping me choose priorities and make sure that I’m prioritizing the right things. Let’s hope that continues.

    1. Fifteen minutes of recharge time daily.

I missed my nap on Saturday, again, due to scheduling issues with flights. I also missed it on Monday because I just didn’t feel like it, but otherwise I’ve been doing well with this. I ended up putting the Pzizz app on my iPad as well as on my phone because it doesn’t always seem to work on the phone. Go figure. Anyway, the upcoming week is the real test. The school I work for started today. I do not tend to take particularly good care of myself when I am working, which I’ll be doing a lot of from here to December. I suspect there are health goals in my future (hi October, I see you looking at me), but for now, just trying to make sure I take those 20 minutes is important enough for me.

As promised, here’s the link to the weekly link up. Make sure you check out how others are doing, too!

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