September 3in30 Challenge: Week 2

3in30 Challenge

  1. Clean Out the Bookcases.
  2. there are no pictures this week because I’m out of town at a work thing, but I have almost finished with the bookshelf I was 3/4s of the way down last week. My progress has been slowed, ironically, by my public library who wants my books (the fiction and non-fiction in good condition), so I have to resort a while bunch of boxes when I get back to cull out what the library wants. They also only want it one box at a time, so that will slow that part of the removal, but P promises to remove and return with empty boxes a whole lot of things next week, so there should be some significant progress to show.

  3. Create a mission statement.
  4. I’m still working on my action statements I wrote my roles and dreams in my journal so I could think about it during down time here. We’ll see if I actually have any downtime to think about it.

  5. Fifteen minutes of recharge time daily.
  6. I did really well with this until Tuesday and Wednesday. Those who follow me on Twitter know that Ben hasn’t been feeling well and was diagnosed with strep on Tuesday. Once we’d finished with doctors, etc., on Tuesday there wasn’t time for a nap. Yesterday, my flight from Atlanta was delayed over an hour, but again, not really the place for a nap. Hopping to get one today between return to the hotel and lunch. Wish me luck.

As promised, a link to the other 3in30 participants. Hope you’ll stop by some of their blogs and encourage them on their journeys!

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