September 3in30 Challenge: Week 1

3in30 Challenge

This has been a good week. I’ve gotten a lot done since I started this, though I’m currently at a stand still on the books. I’m dependent on P to remove them. I fill the boxes, he takes them away, and brings them back empty. I am not asking what happens to the books because I don’t want to know.

  1. Clean Out the Bookcases. You’ll be able to see before and after pictures below, but I’ve completed one bookcase, and made it 3 1/2 shelves down on the next one
  2. Create a mission statement. This goal is almost complete. I have managed to complete all but the action statements step of writing a mission statement. I should have mentioned, previously, that I’m using Mission Statements for Moms to help me develop my mission statement. I’ve found her approach really useful and I think that I’m developing a truly workable, meaningful mission statement from working with her e-book.
  3. Fifteen minutes of recharge time daily. I’m easily suggestible, I admit. I read Gwen Bell’s blog posts and am truly inspired by what she does and what she’s doing. But this post took from admiring her to researching a tool she uses and finding an Android version of that tool. There is, in fact, an Android version of Pzizz and the Android version includes the sleep version that is mentioned on the “wish list” for the iPhone app. I started with a 20 minute power nap and moved up to a 25 minute power nap by the end of this first week. My husband noticed such a huge difference that he was the enforcer by Sunday. Keeping the kids away so Mom could take her nap. It’s amazing how much this one thing is helping, but it is helping more than I could have imagined.

As promised, before and either after or in progress pictures.

Bookcase area #1 (before): Photobucket

Bookcase area #1 (after): Photobucket

I discovered, much to my surprise, that I am not actually “responsible” for the shelf that’s currently hidden behind boxes. That is filled with my husband’s things, so I can’t make more improvements in that area without his cooperation. He still wears shirts from high school, and he’s forty, I think you can imagine how much cooperation I’m likely to get here.

Bookcase area #2 (before): Photobucket

Bookcase area #2 (in progress): Photobucket

Not only did I get a good portion of the way down the shelf with this one, but I also started some basic organizing including getting the children’s memory books all in one place. That by itself provides me with a huge sense of peace. I know where they are and I can’t lose them this way.

Now, go check out the 3 in 30 link up page and see how the other participants are doing.

4 thoughts on “September 3in30 Challenge: Week 1

  1. nice work on the bookcases… Power nap.. I have been a big believer in power naps since 1969, years before the term was coined. Since 10th grade, I have found that 20 to 30 minutes of a really great nap make me able to do anything, possibly leap tall Buildings in a single bound :-)… Seriously, I have for years, many years, 40+ years burnt the candle at both ends, but a power nap, makes it all possible… today 22 minutes, most I could spare, but it made teaching 4 1/2 hours of dog classes after 3 hours of human classes and some advising into a walk in the park..

    Everyone should book out for a power nap

  2. Wow, you have been busy! My bookcases need an overhaul too.

    I love that you are taking power naps! I need to try that. Do you find it hard to switch your mind off and go to sleep? I’m often tired, but can’t fall asleep because of all the stuff I am thinking about!

    • I try really hard to make myself listen to the app and let thoughts go by. I have a hard time sleeping regardless, but I’m finding that commitment to letting things drift while the app is going works reasonably well.

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