A Bit of Rambling

I’m probably about to be in for a shit-storm because I’ve gotten sucked into an abortion thing on Twitter. Sigh. I stand with HRC on this one. We need to make this a society where abortion is a legal procedure that is rarely needed. To do that? Better education. Better access to birth control. Better support for single women who want to have children. Etc., etc., etc. I am very seriously pro-choice, however. I cannot have more children. It would very likely kill me if I tried. If, through some seriously amazing procreative ability, I managed to become pregnant, I would have to abort. Why? Because I have two children who need their mother and I won’t sacrifice their needs. Period. You can disagree with me to the ends of the earth, it won’t change my position a single iota.

Also on Twitter, I referred to our soon-to-be-deceased fridge as the not-side-by-side fridge which is something of an inside joke. See, when we decided (read that to mean I twisted P’s arm harder than I ever have before or since) to view this house while we were househunting, one of the points made by the listing realtor is that the house had a side-by-side fridge. Personally, I don’t care what the fridge looks like as long as things stay cold and the freezer works to store my citron. But P was vaguely enthused about a side-by-side fridge enough to overcome his concern about the theoretical one car garage. It’s not one car, it’s two. The listing realtor couldn’t take a picture to save her life. Anyway, we walked in, started touring the house, got to the kitchen and said, simultaneously, “That’s not a side-by-side fridge.” And lo, it is not. It’s an ugly, old black fridge that is now on it’s last legs. Our big dilemma is whether to replace it now or to wait until it’s a freaking emergency. I’m voting number 1. Everyone who knows P knows which way he’s voting.

And yet again, on Twitter, was involved in a discussion regarding kids and their wild behavior if they haven’t rested. See, I thought I was the only one experiencing this insanity, but I’m not. Apparently, there are many other mothers whose children turn weirdly violent if they haven’t had enough rest. Ben hits. He balls up his little fists and starts windmilling the second things don’t go precisely the way he wants them to. P noted yesterday that Ben seems to need to have a knock down, drag out fight before he can go to sleep. I hadn’t noticed this before, but when thinking about it the last few times he’s needed to go to sleep he has had a big, big fight first and then boom! he’s out. I don’t understand, though, why his first instinct is to hit when things aren’t going his way with me. And I’m the only person he does this to. According to popular rumor, he’s a great kid when he’s not around me. Hmm. This makes the whole homeschooling deal particularly weird. Let me tell you.

I’m trying not to freak but I noticed a ridge on/in/whatever Katie’s forehead today. It wasn’t there before, and it looks strikingly reminiscent of her pointy forehead from pre-surgery. I keep reminding myself that things move around a lot on her skull and a few weeks ago you could see the bolts that hold that front part in place, so the ridge may just be more attempts for the bones to settle. On the other hand, I suppose it could be something. Double circling that thing in my calendar about calling Dr. R. Really, really need to do that.

Reading a really interesting book Is Breast Best?: Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood (Biopolitics: Medicine, Technoscience, and Health in the Twenty-first Century). Will be blogging about it.

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Rambling

  1. I have had carefully civil conversations about abortion with people with different views from mine. But I don’t even want to think about what it would look like on Twitter!

    Nevertheless, for a moment, let’s imagine a world where it didn’t matter where the conversation was happening. One where we could all agree that almost no one thinks it’s a “good thing.”

    Then MAYBE we could around addressing how little things like “equal pay” matter in this debate. Or how “boys will be boys” (men as predatory) attitudes can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Or how ANY governmental control over reproduction hurts women….

    M. hit when he was tired too. I am trying to recall when he outgrew this (he is 6). But parenting is such a forgetful business that I can’t. Four or five, I think.

    Prayers for Katie.

    And I look forward to your next post. I do think breast is best, but that I ALSO think judgment over what other mothers do smacks of supreme arrogance….and more than a little priviledge. Not having read the book, I’m curious!

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