An Open Letter to My Congressional Representative

Rep. Ross:

I have a 2 year old daughter who would have a hell of fight on her hands to get insurance when she ages out of our policy if your attempt to repeal health care reform had passed.

Could you look her in the face and tell her she doesn’t deserve health insurance because of a birth defect she had zero control over? While she is not, currently, your constituent, I am. So is my husband. So are many of my friend who find themselves in similar situations for them or their children. How can you say you acted in the best interests of your constituents?

I would be willing to accept that this was a conscience vote or whatever you want to call it but for one thing: you accepted government health insurance. I have a suggestion, you go find a private insurance policy to cover all of you and report back to us whether that is adequate coverage. And while you’re doing that, ask them if they’d cover a child who has had cranial reconstruction and suffers from side effects from that surgery. Ask them if they would cover an adult with asthma. Ask them if they would cover a pregnant woman. While you might not know the answers, I do. They won’t.

My daughter won’t have health insurance when she’s an adult if you and your colleagues get your way. I would like each and every one of you to explain to her why that has to be because she’s not going to understand. The truth is she (and every child like her) is being sacrificed for party politics.

I hope you’re ashamed of yourself because I sure am ashamed of you. I can also assure you that you won’t get my vote come next election because of a decision to stand for your party rather than the people you represent.

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