Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Best Things I Did For Myself in 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. I read the Bible in 90 days. Amy at Mom’s Toolbox ran this last January and I learned a lot about myself, my relationship to Christ, and my beliefs by doing this. It’s a worthwhile experience and if you’re interested in it another round starts on January 3rd.

2. Related to the first, I agreed to teach Sunday School at my church. While a lot of people would see this as something for someone else, I see it as for myself because it helps me to explain things better to my children and helps me see through the eyes of children. I think it also improves my patience with my son and with my students because it helps me see what other children/people are like and allows me to adjust my expectations a bit.

3. Discovered Big Picture Classes with much thanks to Christina @ for raving about a photography class she was taking. I signed on late and didn’t quite get into it, but took another one and am taking another one now and taking three more classes through them in 2011. I think I’m getting to be a better photographer because of what I’m learning and I”m learning a bit about scrapbooking, too. Who would have thought that I would ever consider scrapbooking?

4. Discovered a planner that actually works for me without me having to bend it too far. They interviewed me about how I use the planner here if you’d like to see more of my thoughts on it. No, it isn’t cheap and yes, there are alternatives, but it makes sense for me at this time and I love using it.

5. Related to #4; discovered a homeschool planner that works for us. The Well-Planned Day is very Christian-oriented, so if you’re aggressively secular, you may not like it, but if you can either ignore the Christian elements or appreciate them in small doses, then it’s a great planner. I can see where, when Ben and/or Katie are ready for Confirmation that it will be helpful for them (assuming we’re still using it). I find it helpful to lay out where we’re going and Ben likes being able to see the check marks and know that we’re accomplishing stuff.

6. Related to #4 and $5, discovered Cozi. The wall calendar we use for family events is great, but it is really useless when P is out and about and needs to know what’s going on. If I’m not in front of it, I can’t tell him either. Cozi is my step toward solving that problem. Put the events in Cozi and then we’ll sort it out from there.

7. Related to #6, bought a smartphone. I finally bit the bullet and bought one. I have the Cozi app on it, so my calendar, to do lists, and shopping lists are right there. It’s really helpful. Now, to get P in on the revolution and maybe we can let the wall calendar go. We’ll see.

8. Begged for and received a Kindle and an iPad. You’d think I’d only need one. You haven’t met my family. The iPad gets near constant use for all family members. The Kindle is pretty much mine alone. So, I can read in peace while they play games on the iPad. Works out for everybody.

9. Bough two of Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal one for each of my kids. I am never going to be a high-quality scrapbooker, and though I love the photo books I put together, I really want to record some of the things that they say and give them more memories of being kids. This book is about perfect in it’s design, execution, and layout. Ben’s starts late, so I’m having to fill things in for the first four years and there aren’t interviews during those years, but I have one from this year and it is hilarious. I love looking at my baby book and stuff, even though they’re not very complete, so I’m trying really, really hard to make sure my kids have complete things so that they have lots of mom’s thoughts about them as little kids.

10. Bought a membership to the Y. I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. But I’ve been reasonably consistent over the last year, so we’re going to re-up for six more months and see how that goes. I like taking it six months at a time. I like being able to stop and reevaluate, and I love the kids’ programs. They’re good for my kids.

Now that you’ve read my Top Ten list; head over to Amanda’s and check out all of the other cool top ten lists for the last Tuesday of 2010.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Best Things I Did For Myself in 2010

    • Yes, it does.

      I’ve been intimidated by it because of the strength issues in my left arm, but I’m definitely willing to give it a shot in the new year.

    • I love that book. It was in my recommended for you thing at Amazon and I just had to try it. Bought one for my daughter and realized that I wanted one for my son, too. I think it’s going to be a very cool thing to have for them and for their kids.

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