B90days: Check in Week 2

And what a week it has been. I’ve met most of my mentees, which is great, and I’ve been praying for them daily. I have the right number of them to use my prayer beads (Anglican rosary) and think on each person for a minute or so before moving beads and thinking about the next person. It’s a nice, quiet rhythm and works for me.

Since I decided to start reading along with the group, it’s good to know that I’m staying on top of the reading so far. I’ve found a flaw, if you will, with the Kindle plan. Apparently, it always remembers when you’re reading a book that you finished. This is problematic because it always wants to sync you to the end, when I would rather it remember and sync me to the places that I am now. Makes reading from different devices a tad more complex than I would have preferred.

A difference from my reading the last time is that I am highlighting passages that grab me and I’ve noticed a pattern. I’m highlighting passages about strength, not being afraid, and sharing the load. Those of you who are new around here may not be aware that we’ve gone through a great deal of stress in our household over the last twenty months. The things that I needed to learn, and still need to learn, is that I don’t have to fear things and I can trust that God has my back. The answer and results may not always be what I want, but I know that he’s going to be there. I also know that I can pitch a fit, throw a tantrum, and say all manner of nasty things, but God is still going to be there. When you look at all the legalism in this part of the Bible, you think that His love is conditional, but really, it’s not. Even when Aaron creates that idol, God still loves him.

The Israelites and God remind me greatly of a parent/child relationship. God says I’m going to punish you. The Israelites say give us one more chance and he does. Ultimately, he sometimes has to discipline his people, but there are many, many times when he chooses to offer another chance rather than punish. I think that’s important to remember, too. Especially when we’re faced with so much legalism and so many people who don’t want to offer chances.

My thought for today is this: you were called or felt the urge to do this reading for a reason. Be as loving and forgiving of yourself as God is. If you’re behind, don’t stomp your foot and say, “I can’t do this!” Instead, choose to believe in yourself and the power that drew you here. Believe that you can do it and get back to your reading. A few extra pages each day will get you caught up or keep you on track. Do not give up. God wants you here with us!

2 thoughts on “B90days: Check in Week 2

  1. I am so glad He is as merciful to me as He was to those Israelites! I use to think, “what a stubborn bunch of people” and now I think, “aha…thank you GOD for mercies new each day!”
    I finished with todays reading…it actually made me a little squemish….that’s unusual for me!
    Hope you get caught up on things and have a great week!

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