Top Ten: B90Days Tips

Here are my reading “survival tips” from the last time I completed the Bible in 90 Days challenge:

1. Always, always have your Bible with you. You never know when you’ll have an open moment in your schedule for reading.

2. To facilitate #1, if you have the ability to have a Kindle app on your phone, get it, and buy the Bible in 90 Days for it. Easily the best investment I ever made.

3. Do not get caught up in the worry that you’re not absorbing everything or that you’re not meditating on the reading. That’s not the point. The point is to find the big picture; the over-arching themes.

4. Check in every Monday, without fail. Talk to your mentor if you’re struggling. Don’t let anxiety over not being caught up get to you. Everyone falls behind. You’ll catch up. You can make the time to read.

5. Children are not an excuse not to read. I homeschool my kids. I work from home. I have two demanding dogs. Three not well parents/inlaws and a health problem of my own that is just not getting worked out, even though we’re trying. More on that after Wednesday. My point is if you prioritize it, you can do it. But it means you won’t be doing everything.

6. Sign up for the emails. I found those the most useful thing in the world. I signed up about a week in last time and it frustrated me greatly that I didn’t have them earlier. This time. I’m signed up from the beginning.

7. Talk to your mentor. Ask for help and guidance. Ask her how she gets everything done and finds time to read. Remember, every one of the mentors has completed this challenge already. We know how hard some days can be and how easy it is to want to give up. We’re here for you, so please, talk to us!

8. Start planning your finish prize now. I don’t know what I’ll do this time. Last time, I ordered a beautiful cross charm for a favorite necklace of mine from: The Vintage Pearl. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous and a good value. I love that they’re handmade as well. It feels like my gold medal for finishing a challenge I wasn’t sure I could complete. You can do it, too, just decide what you’re “medal” is going to be!

9. Twitter chats. Go to the Twitter chats. Use TweetChat or TweetGrid and follow along even if you don’t feel comfortable jumping into the discussion. Twitter Chats make this experience come alive. Every Monday, 8p-9p CT.

10. Don’t get caught up in the drama. There’s always going to be drama. In the first challenge, someone came in when we were at day 60 (or thereabouts) and said that the way we were reading wasn’t meaningful, that it had no value. She suggested that the only value was in slow, meditative reading or you shouldn’t bother to do it. Ironically, she wasn’t doing the challenge, just caught sight of the hashtag and had to create some drama I guess.

There are going to be days you think that you can’t do this. There are going to be days when you’d rather do anything than read another page of the Bible. We all have those days and it’s okay. Just read anyway. There will be times when someone says something disparaging about your efforts (see above) and you’ll want to quit. Don’t do it.

Final point, and one worth remembering for everybody, all kinds of people are doing this challenge. Do not make assumptions about the religiosity of anyone doing this. Do not assume that only a certain type of person or Christian would take this challenge. Part of the point of Cooper’s ministry is to meet people where they are, so don’t be the discourager for someone else. We’re here to encourage EVERYBODY regardless of their purpose or reasons for being here.

Now, head on over to Amanda’s blog where you’ll find a lot of Top Ten lists, most of which will have nothing to do with the Blogging the Bible in 90 Days challenge. If you’re interested in the challenge, check out the link.

23 thoughts on “Top Ten: B90Days Tips

    • It started yesterday, so there’s definitely time to get in. A day behind in Genesis is not the end of the world.

      Jump on in, the water is fine 🙂

  1. Those are great points. I’m so glad I’m doing this. I will take your advice to heart. I signed up for the emails and I’m glad I did. I do need to bring it with me. That’s the tip I will do from now on!

    • You’ll get a lot out of it. Maybe not what you expect, but definitely a lot.

      The emails are really incredibly useful (particularly in Numbers and Isaiah when you’re wondering if your daily reading is EVER going to end).

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  3. Thank you for those tips! I had a hard time finding the link to the daily email subscription, but that could have been a product of my tired and addled brain. I finally found it on No Ordinary Moments (Jolanthe’s blog). I’m hoping it will be just another layer of encouragement.

    Your #10 is a key point. I feel that the enemy will try his best to divide a group of believers, especially a group this large. We need to be united, for God and through God.

    • You’re welcome, but remember what I said about all sorts of people choose to accept this challenge. Not all persons who take this challenge are believers or believe that they’re being called to do this by God. As I recall, Cooper was an agnostic the first time he read the Bible in 90 days, so I really mean it when I say that anyone can be doing this.

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  5. Just wanted to stop by and say “Hi” to my fellow B90Days mentor! I’m checking out all the blogs of the mentors and wanted to start getting acquainted! I hope we didn’t get off on the wrong foot last night- I think it was a big misunderstanding! Looking forward to seeing you around the challenge!

    • Nah. I’m good. I don’t take offense easily — I’m an English professor; we develop thick skins or we die. Or something like that.

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  7. Excellent tips! I’m not reading everything over again this time as a mentor. The plan is to focus on the things I underlined the first time around. Good seeing you again!

    • Oh, that’s a good strategy, too. I suppose I could have done that, but I really felt like reading is what I needed to do right now.

    • Excellent. Glad to have been of help.

      Strategies are my thing. If there’s a way to make something easier, then I’m going to find it and want to share it with everybody else.

  8. Great ideas! Was waffling on the Kindle thing, but I think it’s worth it. I have both a Kindle and an iPod touch. Downloaded the free sample for the Kindle and read today’s and tomorrow’s readings on it. I liked it a lot! My Kindle even read to me as I was on the elliptical this morning.

    Hadn’t considered rewarding myself for finishing! I have a couple of ideas: or

    Thanks for mentoring us! 🙂

  9. Hi Beth! I’m one of the other mentors and wanted to stop in and say hi. 🙂

    This is a really great post. I really liked #1, 3, and 10. When I read through the Bible during the last session, I concentrated on finding the big themes. They weren’t what I expected! It was great to take a step back and forget about the little details and instead concentrate on how God has led people throughout history. It really was inspiring.

    I hope to get to know you better. 🙂

  10. What great tips!! I’m a fellow mentor making the rounds to meet everyone. I wish that I had known these tips before we started reading in January…it would have been very helpful! Thanks for encouraging and helping others from the beginning, including myself!

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