Top Ten Tuesday: iPad Apps Edition

I should probably wait a week or two to write this since my iPad only just arrived yesterday, but I’m so excited by the possibilities with this little thing that I just can’t help but share the joy. I am an apps girl, and I read carefully to figure out what will work best with what I need. I should also point out that while the iPad is a fun thing, it’s main purpose for me is as a work thing to take some of the weight of my laptop. So, it’s for blogging, participating in discussions, and maybe some light grading, but we’ll have to see about that part as time goes by with it.

So, of course, like any good techie, I had a list of apps that I started with and one that I found trolling the app store, so, without further ado, ten must have apps for the iPad, in my opinion.

1. Pages: this is the streamlined version of the Apple word processor. It’s not as robust and it cannot add notes, meaning that the iPad will not likely be my go-to grading machine, but for things that I don’t use comments for it may be just the thing. Plus, if I’m really headed back to writing/revising my novel, I can do it on the iPad and possibly be more successful than I have been to date. (9.99)

2. iBooks. I know, it’s a free app. Heck, when I opened the app store for the first time, it asked me if I wanted iBooks before I could see anything. Of course I said yes. I have to say that it’s a nice ebook reader. I found the book that amazon cancelled on me two weeks ago and bought it. The prices are competitive with amazon, and the reading experience is good, so far. (free)

3. Kindle for the iPad. I know, the competition, but the reality is that I have a huge stack of Kindle books already, and I’m certainly not buying them twice. The interface is exactly what you’d expect from a Kindle app. If you’ve used it on the iPhone, you know what to do. They’re certainly not going to take advantage of the cool parts of the iPad at this point, but I figure they’re going to have to do something to compete. (free)

4. Evernote. The only surprise here is that I didn’t list it number 1. It is everything you’d expect from Evernote (except formatted notes, grrrr). My notebooks are easy to sort through and the notes in this larger real estate are so much easier to read. I can see setting this up in my cookbook stand with the splatter screen and using it just that easily. And, of course, as always with Evernote, the notes on the iPad are synced with the notes on my Mac and on the iPod, so I always have what I need. (free)

5. Tweetdeck for iPad. I love tweet deck even though it doesn’t always love my Mac, but it does love these little dedicated machines. I attended the monthly homeschool chat on twitter last night via Tweetdeck for the iPad, and I enjoyed it. I will consider this perfect once they have Facebook integration. (free)

6. Jumbo calculator. This is a really basic calculator, but it works consistently. It doesn’t lock up, and it lets me do what I need to do when I need to do it. (free)

7. Dragon Dictation. I was honestly surprised at how well this worked out of the gate. It can take down what you say with a good degree of accuracy (eliminate background noise for better accuracy), and you can use that text in other programs via copy/paste. (free)

8. GoodReader. A PDF reader that doesn’t crash and lets you read the pages the way they were intended to be read. There are too many PDF readers that strip out parts of the formatting or that strip out images, this one doesn’t do that. It’s not a free app, but it’s a steal for .99

9. WordPress. Um, yeah, so this blog is hosted on WordPress and an app that let’s me update the blog without going into Safari makes me very, very happy. It’s intuitive and just works. I like it when that happens. (free)

10. The Early Edition. I have a love/hate relationship with feed readers. Mostly, I hate them because they don’t update right or they don’t work the way that I wish they would. This app has a ton of potential. It does not currently sync with google reader, clearly a huge drawback, but I firmly believe it will and at that point it will be completely worth it.

There’s a lot of awesome to be had with the iPad. The one thing that makes me sad, though, is that the virtually indispensable Clock app on the iPhone/iPod Touch didn’t make the transition over to the iPad. I really miss it.

Now that you’ve checked out my top ten list, make sure you head over to Amanda’s blog to see all the other fabulous top ten lists for Top Ten Tuesday.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: iPad Apps Edition

    • Oh, if I hadn’t convinced my husband that this would make our lives better relative to my work, I likely wouldn’t have one now. I’m persuasive like that.

  1. A couple of interesting points about the Kindle app that you may have seen, but are not readily apparent. The first is that you can do the neato little page turn thing like in the iBooks app if you wish; it’s a setting. I don’t use it, but it’s in there. Second is that I’ve noticed the app does a nice job of actually using the iPad’s light sensor to meter the light output as the ambient light changes. Similar to that last part, one setting also allows you to flip the contrast between page and text. So, you can have white text on a black page when reading at night — great for in-bed reading while the spouse is asleep. The actual “reading” experience of that approach… well, the jury is still out a bit for me, but the feature is slick. And, of course, for someone like me that has a Kindle, an iPad and uses the PC reader, Kindle Whispersync to keep all those experiences up to date on my place in the books, etc. is fantastic! Very happy with the Kindle app. Many books now have color photos, too.

    • As you know the spouse in question, you would not likely be surprised to learn that the first thing I had to do was turn off the keyboard clicks. The second thing was find the white text/black background because he didn’t like the brightness of the black on white.

      IBooks is cool, too. Not sure if I have a preference yet or not.

    • I should have added, been reading whit on black for years. Since my first Palm, in fact. Way easier on us folks with glasses. Oh, you can hate Mr. I Never Get Sick even more, his “new” prescription? -.5 and -1. I hate that šŸ™‚

  2. I was trying so hard to listen to the people that hate the iPad so I didn’t feel bad for not jumping on the bandwagon. But, after reading your post, and add to that the fact that I value your opinion, I will need to be sweeter to my DH in the near future. Damn you!

    • Hey, but sweeter is good. Sorry, though.nit’s not perfect and there are some things that I’m not sure about how they’re going to work, but I figured I was going to be happy if I could read books, listen to music, and do some basic job stuff without my laptop, and I’m getting all of that from it.

  3. This was great!

    Thanks for sharing your first impressions. It sounds like you’ve found some great apps.

    Can’t wait to try them out myself soon and compare notes:)

    Thanks for giving me a great starter list. Please keep ’em coming!

    • I’ll be interested to hear your impressions. I ended up starting to add feeds to early edition manually, and that is working for me. I’ve decided that blogs where I consider the author a friend go in that and google reader has everything. Might make my life seem a bit more manageable. And who knows, I might get really crazy and update my blogroll — yikes šŸ˜‰

  4. Siiiiiiiigh.

    I want one SO BADLY. But we’ve opted to pay medical bills instead. Wah wah. We’re saving up to get one next year. And I will save this list for future reference of awesome things to get on the only apple product we don’t yet own. šŸ™‚

    • So far, I’m really loving it. I pretty much write my blog on it now. And I’m starting to work on some other writing projects on it. I don’t know that I’ll do a great deal of actual grading on it, but I might. We’ll have to see.

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