30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Before & Now

    • Oh, you don’t know how much nerve this took. I forced myself to click publish. I just know myself and I’m right at the point where I usually give up.

      I’ve discovered I do better with “peer” support, so here I am essentially begging for some.

    • Thanks! I’m about half way to where I want to be, but I know that I work better with accountability and groups, so this is me essentially begging for a little attention ;).

    • Thanks. I’m pretty darned excited. I actually bought shorts last weekend in a size smaller than I thought I could wear because what I thought was my size was too big.

      Very exciting moment for me.

    • Thanks. I won’t pretend it’s been easy, but I’ve honestly never felt better about the way I’m doing something.

      Gotta love the Shredheads :).

    • I don’t know if I would have posted a during picture if it weren’t for you doing it. You convinced me that even half-way is worth celebrating.

      Now, I just need to keep my ass in gear and make sure I don’t backslide.

      Into the pool with me in May (and shredding, finally).

    • Thank you, ma’am. This is all your doing. Including this insane amount of journaling that I’m doing right now to record everything I eat.

      Interesting how I just don’t feel like dessert if it means reopening and typing more.

  1. Found this from the shredhead’s tweet…congratulations! Maybe I’m missing it, but could you post what you’re doing for diet along w/ the shred?

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