Well, that sucked

Giving Katie a bath has been a challenge from the beginning. She has never liked to be rubbed, hates lotion, and doesn’t like the towels or washcloths.

Tonight was a whole new level of hell. Being washed wasn’t too bad, the hair washing was accepted if not loved. But when it came time to get out and the towel touched her skin, it was like I was drying her with sandpaper. She screamed, she sobbed, she fought.

I feel like I’m failing my kid because I can’t figure out how to make her comfortable. She tolerates terry on her changing mat because there’s usually something in between her and it during a change and usually it doesn’t rub against her.

Trying to find things that are soft enough, that don’t hurt her is so hard. Even something as simple as a t-shirt, if done wrong, is pure misery for her.

This is the part of her condition that isn’t resolving itself and I’m completely unsure what to do.

Add to it that she won’t tolerate sippy cups, straw cups or any other cups.

She won’t drink anything but milk. No water, no juice, no nothing.

She’s starting to eat foods with texture. Soft pastas, cheerios, and so on.

So we’re making progress in one quarter, but we seem to be losing ground, quickly, on the stuff that touches her skin. I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do.

And here I thought the worst I could ever feel was shortly after her birth. Guess I was wrong about that.

2 thoughts on “Well, that sucked

  1. You can do this. Sensitive kids have issues, but there are solutions. If you have to wrap her in silk, well, you live in a society where that is available.

    my email is on this. go ahead and use it. We’ll brainstorm.

  2. Is she receiving therapy? Sounds like she has severe sensory processing disorder of the tactile system. An occupational therapy evaluation may help.

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