Still Danged Sick, Thank You

A week ago, I wrote a post: Almost too Sick to Care and one would hope that in the intervening week I would be feeling better. One would be hoping wrongly. Or misbegotten-ly. Or something-ly.

Not only am I sick, but Ben is sick and so is P. However, P is not sick. Not one little bit. Never mind running a fever, throwing up, and not being able to stay vertical for more than a few minutes at a time, he’s not sick.

After almost fourteen days of this insanity with Ben, I finally decided yesterday that he wasn’t getting better. Yesterday, involved two rounds of barfing (necessitating two sets of clean sheets and an emergency *blue* sheep substitution until a yellow one was dry). At least, he’ll accept the blue one, but it was a rough few minutes while he decided if it would be okay (lots and lots of tears). I also decided yesterday, that I was not getting better and made a quicky appointment with a PA at my doctor’s practice. As I figured, I have a sinus infection. I now have meds and I’m working on getting better.

Ben has been to the doctor and has discovered there are a few small perks to having a MomMom with asthma. One of them is that you get to take your breathing treatments from a nebulizer rather than from inhalers. However, I was not prepared for him to completely wig out about wearing the mask and the noise from the nebulizer and to work himself up so much that he threw up before the first one, and just about threw up before the second one. Both times, he’s ended up on my lap with me holding the mask up to his face so he can get the medicine while I try to teach him how to breathe it in as deep as he can.

I do think we upped the cool factor slightly because I’ve pointed out that his godfather also regularly uses a nebulizer, so now they have something else in common. I got a big grin. We’ll see how that translates to the next breathing treatment.

We’ve also learned that watching Katie freak out at doctors all these times has made Ben much more hesitant about letting the doctor do his thing with him. We had to convince him that looking in his ears wouldn’t hurt and he could not be persuaded to lie down to let Dr. D check up his nose, so Dr. D worked it another way.

Because of Katie, they kind of expected Ben to be a bit of a challenge, and they were right. We’ve been trying to keep him from seeing the worst of it with her, but I guess still being able to hear her was too much for him. In the end, they determined he has sinusitis and bronchitis, poor kid. He’s wheezing when he coughs. Never a good thing, particularly for the kid of someone with asthma.

So far, Katie has not exhibited a single symptom that the rest of us have. Thank goodness. We’ve been having her play in her pack-n-play away from Ben. In days past, this would make her wail at being left out. Now? She settles right in and plays with *her* toys. She held up money from one of her toy purses and said, “Dada.” Sigh. Guess she knows who to hit up for money :). And overall, she seems okay. Still stuffy from teething, but that seems to be working itself out.

I keep waiting for that magic moment where I feel like I’ve turned the corner, but I haven’t felt it yet. Here’s hoping it comes, soon, or I will be headed back to the doctor on Monday.

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