Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Purchases


… that I can specifically “blame” on Cool Mom Picks. I’m telling you, these women are dangerous. And have excellent taste. And I should just sign my damn paychecks over to them already because they seem to know what I’ll like before I do.

1. Mommy Tags. I have had mine since Ben was about 1 1/2 years old. Phil got them for me for my second Mother’s day. I wanted Mommy jewelry that wasn’t too, um, out there. This suited me perfectly, and I’m so, so happy with them.

2. Sara Bear Basket. This is the basket that I have raved and raved about. P “let” me get it because I wanted it and we didn’t have to buy a lot before Katie was born. He’s the first one to admit he thought it was a “silly” purchase, but he’s since decided that he’s not sure how we would have done without it.

3. Relish! Now, I will say that they’re the ones who brought this to my consciousness and made me start thinking about it, but the ultimate decision to use them is directly related to this post by Baby Toolkit that helped me solidify my ideas for what I need/want. But if I hadn’t heard of it first at Cool Mom Picks, I don’t know if I would have been as ready to accept as I was.

5. Mr. Elephant. This is one of Katie’s very most special toys and she adores him. He’s sweet, well made, and completely adorable. They also turned me onto Etsy with this and the next purchase.

6. Here Comes the Science. I’ve honestly never been fond of TMBG, but when they rec’d this I listened to clips and decided we had to have it. And we do.

7.My Precious Little One. I would never, NEVER have known that he did this album if it weren’t for them. We played “My Precious Little One” over and over and over to Katie while she was in the hospital and when she came home. She still loves to hear it and snuggles right into me when it’s played.

8. Sony Alpha 300. I owe Nate (Liz’s husband) so big for this review. He has no idea how much easier he made my begging and pleading for a dSLR. Having a guy’s voice tell my husband how awesome this camera was the icing on the cake for me. I had done all the research. I knew this was the right camera, but he needed to hear someone else tell him how great this camera is with kids. And it’s good with dogs, too, just saying :).

9. See Kai Run — Smaller, though honestly, they’re the ones who first brought See Kai Run’s to my consciousness at all. My son wore See Kai Runs until he out grew them. Katie will ONLY wear See Kai Run Smaller. If it weren’t for Cool Mom Picks, I would never have known about this brand and my texture sensitive daughter would have been barefoot for the first years of her life. Poor little baby.

10. Jen Singer. I now have two of her books and they really help. It’s the right mix of humor and advice to really help mom’s keep from losing their minds.

Honorable mention: Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar. Mostly an honorable mention because I didn’t buy this book — yet — I bought the wonderful Cupcake book instead at the recommendation of this review’s author because it has a slightly less steep learning curve.

I’m also convinced, though I can’t find the reference, that they turned me onto TamamiKoBags at Etsy. I have the most wonderful little clutch from her that I love to use, and I’m certain that they’re the reason I found it in the first place, but I cannot find their original review.

They are also responsible for some of the craft ideas and kid things that I’ve made because I’ve gotten inspiration from sources that they’ve shown. I don’t sell mine, so I don’t feel bad about seeing something, thinking I can improve on it for us, and making it. Examples include the number shirts I make for my kids, the hand print gifts that I’m making for my mother and mother-in-law this year, and so forth.

If you’re expecting, have kids, know people who have kids, or think that you might someday know someone who has kids, Cool Mom Picks should be your one stop destination for everything baby, mom, and dad. Oh, and grandparents. And maybe aunts and uncles.

Now, once you’ve wiped the drool off your computer screen, head over to Oh Amanda‘s and check out all the other cool top ten lists.

Edited to add: I wrote this post on Sunday, but it’s as if they knew I was doing a tribute post to them today. I think I found my kids’ “big gift” for Christmas this year. Check THIS out. Looks like the perfect present for kids of different ages, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Purchases

  1. Finding great buys online is fun. I always like to read lots of reviews before buying things, and I’ve found blogs to be a great source of these reviews. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow Adjunct Mom, check from Cool Mom Picks is in the mail!

    Thanks so much for a post that I think we can honestly say made all of our days.

    • It was the convergence of several of those items in my daughter’s room that made me realize, hey, I have a post here.

      Y’all are awesome and save me all sorts of time trying to navigate all the shopping options for my kids. You’ve never led me astray and I so appreciate that. I really, really do.

      Glad I could brighten your day! I smile every time I change a diaper — if that’s not a miracle, nothing is 🙂

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