Top Ten Things I Love About My Son

I had to really think about what I wanted to do this week, but the fact that my son asked me Sunday night if I loved him pretty much made this one a lock for this week. He asked me about it because he had done something “bad wrong” and he was worried that it meant I wouldn’t love him anymore. I think he’s pretty clear now that I love him a lot.

1. I love the way he creates stories. He makes up elaborate stories featuring a mish-mash of characters he’s seen in movies and TV, characters from books, and characters from his imagination. They go on pirate adventures.

2. I love the fact that he sings all the time like he’s living in a musical. Right at this moment, he’s singing as he’s playing.

3. I love that, even though he’s a big kid (says him), he still holds his sheep and sucks his thumb during the “scary parts” of movies.

4. I love the way he makes all of his “L”s “W”s except the one for lunch. He’s trying to learn to say it correctly, but it’s a work in progress.

5. I love that he still calls me MomMom when he’s tired or stressed.

6. I love how he assumes that every kid he meets is just a friend he hasn’t met yet. He has wonderful self-confidence and self-assurance. He doesn’t worry at all about being left at the play center in the gym. He thinks it’s a wonderful thing and really enjoys it.

7. I love how he likes to surprise me with the things that he’s done. “Cwose your eyes, MomMom.”

8. I love his laugh. When he’s really laughing and not fake laughing, it’s infectious. You can’t help but smile when you hear him laugh. And usually, you end up chuckling along with him.

9. I love his hugs. He likes to wrap his skinny little arms around your neck and hug you really, really close. And then you almost always (unless you’re someone he’s not 100% sure of) get a kiss, too.

10. I love how much he loves his sister. He gets annoyed with her, sure, but if he thinks something is wrong with Katie or that Katie needs something, he will come get me or P. He loves trying to play with her, even though he’s a little rough sometimes, he really tries hard and he loves to help.

There are a million more little things I love about him, but this is a good start. Now, that’s my list, but there are a lot more cool lists over at Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday blog carnival. Be sure to check them out.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Love About My Son

  1. I have two boys – both of whom turn everything into a song! My 3yo even starts humming in the morning before he even opens his eyes.

    Oh, the sweetness of childhood!

  2. Little boy hugs are the best thing in the world. Whenever I’m feeling down, my son is the first one I go to for a hug. There’s just something so special about it.

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