GTT: My favorite “beauty secret”

Okay, first of all, the disclaimer: I am not known for my amazing beauty or the fact that I look super well put together. I do have a fantastic hairdresser who knows what the heck to do with my hair. But, if you don’t have curly hair, that’s not going to help you. I have amazing hair products that I use, and I’ll talk about those, but again, if you don’t have curly hair, you might not find much help. However, I do have a secret. A family secret. That I’m going to share with the whole wide internet (or at least those who read Girl Talk Thursday).

So, what’s my secret?

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin-E Cream 4 oz. + 4 oz. Jar

Yeah, that’s right, Vitamin E cream. Now, first, I don’t have dry skin. My skin is pretty oily usually, but every night before bed I put really small amount of this stuff on my face. Every night. I have also been known to use it on my feet, my elbows, my hands. Anything that seems to be dry or whatever.

Why do I use it? Well, it’s like this, my grandmother, my father’s mother was 96 years old when she died. No one, including the doctors who worked with her, believed for a second she was a day over 70 until near the very, very end. Why? Her skin was not entirely smooth, but not nearly as wrinkled as you would expect for a woman in her 90s who had lived a rather hard life. This? Was her secret. It became my mother’s secret. And now it’s mine. And it works.

Now, for those of you with curly hair. Here are my “bonus” secrets:

Ouidad’s Climate Control. This stuff is a pure miracle with my hair. The humidity in Florida makes me look like I’m sporting a blonde ‘fro. It’s not a pretty sight AT ALL. However, put this stuff in after I shower, and my hair separates into curls and I look cute.

Ouidad’s Botanical Boost. Okay, so when I first bought this I figured I’d never use it and I’d fallen prey to marketing. And then I tried it. First time, was when I was going to the pool. My hair looked even better than it usually did. Then I found out that it revived my curls when I skipped a few days washing it. Um, this stuff is the bomb. It’s usually the only thing I travel with for my hair. It’s that good.

Now that you know my secrets, what are yours?

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