Katie is Cleared for Landing

We had the last of Katie’s follow ups today. She got to see her neurosurgeon and his trusty PA. They looked her over, measured her head, and felt around a bit.

She burst into tears when the PA tried to touch her, but no screaming. This is a massive improvement over her last follow-up where her screams could be heard everywhere in the building.

She’s looking good. Her head now measures normally. Her eyes appear well-spaced. Though he agreed after a cursory check that there appears to be an issue with her tracking, so back to the eye doctor she goes. He said the Fred Munster lumps that so freaked me out at New Years, which made a reappearance in the last two days, are perfectly normal. He said we will see things like this coming and going on her head for the next year or so. Little valleys may come and go on her head, she may have small protrusions followed by crevices, and we shouldn’t be alarmed. Easy for him to say :).

So, next on Katie’s list? Well, she’s finally going to get her one year old shots. She wasn’t allowed until she was cleared by the neurosurgeon and that was fairly easily done. Then, we get her an appointment with her eye doctor and find out how the eyes are doing and what our plan of attack is for that (patch, glasses, surgery — pretty much how that one falls).

Otherwise, she’s allowed to do what she wants within reason and we just need to be watchful without being smothering. Again, easy for him to say.

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