One of P’s friends asked him about what we’ve decided to do with Ben vis a vis education. P told him about the activity sheets and that we have a sort of schedule for him.

The friend asked P what happens if Ben doesn’t want to do his sheets that day.

P was apparently puzzled by the question, but finally said, well, we put them back in the folder and hold onto them for another day.

And that’s sort of right. Actually, we generally don’t do sheets unless he asks to do them. He and I usually talk about our “plan” for the day right before he goes to sleep. He tells me what he wants for breakfast, what he wants to wear, and what he plans to do. Most nights, he tells me that he’s going to do ‘tivity sheets right after breakfast.

I set out the folder for him once he’s had his last snuggles and kisses, and then, sure as anything he gets up, eats his breakfast, and does his activity sheets.

Ben is an odd kid, though, in some ways. He hasn’t gotten out of pajamas for most of the last two weeks. He says he doesn’t feel good and he doesn’t want to get dressed. I’ve checked him six ways from Sunday, and there’s nothing wrong with him. The pediatrician has looked him over and declared him healthy. So, we’re not sure what this is about, but I’m willing to respect his choice — to stay in his pajamas and have quiet play days — and he’s willing to get dressed when it’s an absolute must, so it all works out. My general position on this is that I don’t want him to feel like he can’t tell us when he doesn’t feel well or that someone is going to tell him that he feels fine, when he doesn’t feel like he’s fine.

And, honestly, he could be reacting to all the pollen in the air. I know I am. I haven’t felt really good for the better part of two weeks myself.

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