One Year — March 2009

So, I’ve been sick, but I have made some progress in the office and with paperwork. I managed to clean out the main file drawer and the main filing cabinet in the office. Most of the files are things I can’t get rid of due to school requirements, but they are things that can be less accessible at this point.

I have created a folder for Ben’s preK materials and divided things for five days, since he tends to want to ‘tivity sheets five days a week. He doesn’t always take his breaks on weekends, but it works for us. The office is a work in progress and will likely need to be revisited this year. I’m thinking that I will go back to it when we hit moving month since I’m not moving in the foreseeable future.

I’ve moved some things around and I’m still trying to figure out the best configuration for my school books and for what will be Ben’s school materials. We’ve pretty much settled that we’re going to home school. At this point, I think we’re looking at prepackaged curriculum. While I’m confident in my ability to teach, I need something to help me focus what I’m doing. We’re not sure what we’re going with, but we know we need to set aside space for his materials and work in the house — somewhere. It’s going to be very interesting, I think.

The month of April will bring a focus on the bathrooms. I’m looking forward to tackling the two bathrooms, but I’ll likely also be working on the office as part of my continuing effort to improve the space I work in.

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