One Year — Week 8 (or Week 4 of February, depending how you count)

This turned out somewhat better than I expected, though the work side of One Year got something of a short shrift this month. The bedroom looks about 10,000 times better and there’s very little hiding in there anymore.

As I reported last week, we bought new bedding and we have continued working on editing the room and taking out things that don’t belong. The one eyesore that remains is the sewing desk. It’s a challenge to get that one organized properly, and were it not for Katie, it wouldn’t be in this room.

It’s something to continue to work on and see if I can’t make it something that doesn’t offend the sight of certain male members of my household. We are, overall, pleased with the massive improvement in the bedroom. Even P says it looks great and that he’s happy to see how well it has turned out. He has removed the chair we plan to get rid of, so there’s a lot more space in the corner than there used to be. We’re all happier about that.

The coming month is all about the office. We have a lot of work still to do in here and it’s going to take every bit of March to get this organized, straightened, and decluttered. P is going to help, but a lot of this is my responsibility and my stuff. I’ll be talking more about this process in the coming weeks. One would think that working online would mean less paper, but one would be wrong :).

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