One Year — Week 7

So, this was an interesting week where I continued to work to clarify my dreams and where I want to go with my life. I also worked more on cleaning out the closets and purchased new linens for our bed.

What I’ve figured out is that I’ve always wanted to be a writer of some stripe or another and that teaching has been a way for me to practice my skills and develop what I know into something. I enjoy taking pictures and telling the story that goes with the picture. I love to work on recipes, quilts, and knitting. These are the things I get excited about and enjoy sharing with my family and friends. So, somehow, I need to piece together a life out of that. Not sure how I’m going to do that, but do that I will.

I did the closet purge part two this week as well. I did one pass on it while I was pregnant. A “get rid of the maternity clothes” pass on it when I was out of maternity clothes a few weeks ago. This time it was a realism check. There were things in my closet that I bought in high school. Except for one 80s shirt that I keep precisely because it is an 80s shirt, and when they do 80s days at places I frequent I can wear it and know it’s authentic (or now, my daughter can wear it if she wants), so that stayed. My rather bizarre collection of formal wear stayed even though I have nowhere to wear any of it. But, lots of stuff did go.

I found new bedding at Kohls this week. We decided to go with something that is a bit more modern than our sensibilities would tend to indicate we are. I mean I have a pencil post bed with a canopy for heaven’s sake (though the canopy is not on it at the moment). It has a bedskirt, a comforter and two pillow shams. This set to be precise. I think it’s an interesting change from what we were using and is a good replacement for the sets we bought when we first got married.

This week was working on the desk and associated space. At one point it looked pretty good, but the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of work, so there are a number of things on the surface right now that usually aren’t on the surface. That will get taken care of today. One of the things that I do need to work on is setting up a space by my desk for books related to my job. It’s far easier to access them if I just have to roll to them rather than getting up and walking across the room.

The upcoming week will see me doing more organizing and more decluttering in both spaces. I’m also hoping to eliminate the stuff from the kitchen that we identified, but haven’t managed to part with. It causes P stress, so we’re easing into it rather than just making the huge changes right out of the gate. He’s agreed in principle with most everything I’ve decided to get rid of. A few things we’ve negotiated delays on, so we’ll see what happens with them as the weeks go by.

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