Honestly, I think balance is a myth perpetuated by the book industry to make sure that we all feel somewhat inadequate and in need of books to help us improve our ability to achieve this mythical state of balance. When we don’t achieve it with one book, there’s always another book out there for us to try.

Okay, so maybe I’m feeling a little cynical today. I think the pressure that we all feel to be the best parents, the best teachers, and the best spouse is just getting to me today. I’m at the point where one course is ending and another is beginning. While I used to get nostalgic for the students who are moving on, now I’m just overwhelmed by the work and the stress that end of term brings into my house.

To resolve this we try to make a bunch of food today to get us through the coming crazy week. So, P has made a double batch of pancakes and a batch of banana muffins. I have pasta sauce on the stove while I am outside with Ben who has decided to learn how to play golf. We’re on the hunt for some sort of a t-ball set up for him, too, so if any one has any experience or suggestions I would love to hear it.

I’m also going to be making what I call a Texas sheet cake later this afternoon. I have been hunting for the “right” recipe for this for years. I’m trying another new to me one today. Chocolate Sheet Cake. Maybe this will get me closer to what I remember as a child. The problem is that the recipe, like may others, died with my great-grandmother. She didn’t write things down and she cooked by sight, so even watching her didn’t help a whole lot (especially since she died when I was fourteen and really not a capable cook).

All of this preparation will theoretically give us balance this week, but I can assure you that something will happen to upend all of our careful planning. P will have another bridge emergency, a kid or two will get sick, one of the dogs will get sick, or, heaven forbid, I will get sick.

It’s going to be an interesting week in adjunctmom land. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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