They Say it’s Revolutionary

and I have to say that I agree. The iPhone/iPod touch will change your life when you give in and get one. Today, though, more than the technology aspect of it, I want to talk about a couple of apps that are truly wonderful and life-changing. I’ve already noted that my two favorite programs for my laptop are also available on the iPhone. Evernote and Remember the Milk. Those two alone can revolutionize the way you live from day to day if you’re a busy parent with a thriving adjunct career (or really, I suspect any career). There are a couple of other apps, though, that work supremely well for the life that I live and for the busy parent/academic/blogger.

1. GroceryIQ. This app is exactly what it suggests a grocery list maker. The great thing is that I almost always have my Touch in my pocket, so when I realize I’m running low on something, it takes me seconds to add it to the list. The best part is that I can then email a completed list to my husband and HE can do the shopping. It allows me to identify precise brands and gives him the confidence that he can’t “screw up” the shopping.

2. Stanza. This is a reader. And damn, it is nearly perfect. I can turn anything I need to read into a PDF, load it into Stanza, and then read it when I’m on the go. Whether I’m riding in the car, waiting in a doctor’s office, or feeding Katie late at night, I can read and keep up with what’s going on in literature. Don’t get me wrong. I still love books, but e-books are wonderful if you’re trying to declutter or gain space. I can save them on a external drive, and grab them when I need them.

3. mGifts. This is a gift organizing app that allows you to identify a budget, persons that you’re shopping for, and gifts that you want to buy. It saved my bacon over the winter holidays and I really don’t ever want to be without it.

4. When Katie was small, I found and loved Baby log. There is no link for it as the author doesn’t have a stand alone website. But during those early days when you can’t keep track of anything, this app really helps keep you organized.

Of course, I also have the facebook, twitterific, and wordpress app/utilities on my Touch. This way I can work on my stuff when I want to without feeling too panicked.

ETA: I’m having a huge issue with my HTML coding tonight. The URLs for the programs listed are:
Remember the Milk:

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