Not Your Regularly Scheduled Post

Normally today, I’d be talking about my progress on the “One Year” plan and thinking about how my bedroom and office really serve the same sorts of functions . . . or something like that.

Instead, I’m having one of those days. You know the kind where literally nothing goes right?

Yeah, so far:

This morning the younger dog had the zooms. Those who are familiar with labs knows this means that she’s running through the house like a crazy animal and the best thing you can do is get the heck out of her way.

She managed to ram into Sam going full speed which knocked Sam’s legs out from under her and sent her careening into the dining room table. Sam came up limping and is now a bit swollen and uncomfortable. She’s had pain medication and is sleeping in my room.

Today, was the start of week 2 of the grand nanny experiment. I was convinced to try having a nanny to see if it would help me with work. The jury is out on this still. I kept Katie in the office with me to allow the nanny to better focus on Ben. They played and had a great time. I’m guessing, by my afternoon that they might have also had a lot of juice.

I’m betting some experienced moms out there know where this is going.

Ben wanted to take a bath after lunch because he felt “yucky.” Given that he had dirt necklaces on his neck, I was like sure, let’s do that. He threw up in the bathtub. I grabbed him out of the bath and took him to my bathroom to take a shower. Top priority in my book is the kid; I can clean the tub later.

He peed in the shower after having the mother of all meltdowns because the water falls down in the shower instead of letting him soak in it.

He then went back to his room to put on clothes and peed on his rug. And then on the floor right outside of his room.

And then, just when I thought it was over, he starts screaming frantically from the bathroom. He attempted to go to the potty (good job, Ben), but didn’t realize that he had diarrhea. Yeah.

I get him cleaned up, in clean clothes (this is his third outfit for the day), and clean up the rug, the floor, his clothes, and his bathroom.

About ten minutes later I hear water running in the bathroom. I go in and he’s attempting to clean the bathroom himself with lavender soap. This is a problem because a) I don’t know where it came from because b) he and I are both allergic. This brings us to bath #3, though it was a quick one.

I change him into yet another new outfit. I tell him he looks fantastic. He runs up to hug me and rams his head straight into my jaw. Ouch.

About ten minutes after that, I hear a thud from the bathroom. It’s Ben now attempting to clean again with his bath soap — the super hypoallergenic expensive stuff.

On the plus side, Katie is sleeping like an angel. Peyton is snoring. Sam is sleeping. I think even Ben is sleeping now, and I have managed to get my grades finished that are due today. Now, I just need to post them.

Perhaps tomorrow I can talk about my bedroom and my office :).

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