One Year — Week 4

We have come to the end of the first month of my One Year plan. So far, I think it’s going reasonably well. We have to do the actual clear out in the kitchen, but we know what’s going and know where it’s going. It’s simply a matter of pulling the stuff out. I know that’s going to take most of a day to do, but I’m not worried about getting it done.

I’ve done a small revamp on my morning routine to see if it helps me get things done more easily. Overall, though, I didn’t find it in need of a great deal of change. Revisit me in September when Ben might be starting school (depending who wins the discussion about it), and I’ll likely be doing some major revision on my routines at that point.

The biggest thing to me is the little things that I’ve been doing. I set myself the goal of cleaning up the kitchen counters, making sure the dishes are clean, and making the bed. I managed all three of those all month and now it’s just about rote. I don’t forget to do it; I just do it. That alone has been worth it this month.

The one area I needed to work on more was walking away from my work for a few minutes each hour. I have to make myself do this and I really need to concentrate on it.

In addition to those habits, in February, I’m working on putting my clothes away (and yes, this is STILL an issue with me), drinking water, and Leeds’ bathroom habit of checking my towel and wiping off my counter. Instead of the last part though, I’m adding in my own and that is scooping the yard after the girls. Technically not my bathroom, but they deserve a clean area and Ben likes to play in that yard :).

February is master bedroom month in one year, and believe me the master bedroom needs some work. It’s also reclaim the office month for the work side which should be interesting since I have recently gained office furniture and time to work with it.

So far, I’m really pleased with the way things are going and I’m grateful for the weekly structure idea that Leeds’ offers.

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