Top Five Household Tools

So, I thought it might be fun to end the month with a top five list. I know, the norm is ten, but that’s a lot of pressure, and I thought it might help to start slow. So, my top five household/cleaning tools are:

1. Post-it Notes. I have a love affair with these. I use them to label things I want to get rid of and make lists for P to review.

2. Dymo LetraTag Plus. The label maker to the stars. I love this thing and use it to label everything. From things in my freezer to things in my office to things I put in my attic.

3. Hoover Floormate. We have mostly hardwood/laminate and tile in the house with two dogs. As you might imagine this means lots of mess and muck on the floor. Add in a kid learning to use a cup without a lid and you have a definite need for something to clean the floors quickly and easily.

4. Automatic Shower Cleaner. All right, it’s not exactly like having a maid scrub the shower, but it does allow me to not worry so much about cleaning the shower and more about scrubbing out the tub.

5. Fantom vacuum cleaner. Yes, like every self-respecting lab owner, I wish I had a Dyson, but my Fantom was the big thing before the Dyson was the big thing and it works really well. I’ve always been pleased with the amount of stuff it gets off the floor and how well it cleans my house for me. I cannot complain and though I lust after the Dyson, I believe I will wait until my Fantom can suck no more.

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