One Year — Week 3

This is a really brief post to say that I got a little behind with week 3 due to being sick. Yes, again. I did do some planning and preparation for reorganizing my kitchen in week 4 (aka now). The cool thing is that Phil had already tackled a lot with this area, so now it’s just further elimination and attempts at organizing what’s there, which won’t be too painful. I have post-it notes on all of the cabinets identifying what I want to get rid of and Phil has agreed, in principle to “go for it.” Now I just need to weed things out and make it work better for us. One area at a time for the rest of the week is my plan.

The calendar thing I already have down. I have a three pronged calendar system. Everything for all of us goes on a wall calendar. This has things like the doctors’ appointments, vet appointments, birthdays, major work schedule information, and so forth. I also keep all of that information plus any school information that the family doesn’t need in iCal on my laptop, which syncs with my Touch. So, all of that information is readily available to me.

For our wall calendar we use FlyLady’s Wall Calendar. The boxes are huge and give us plenty of space to record information for all of us. I love it and buy one every year since she started producing them. I can’t say enough good things about this calendar.

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