Family routines

One of the things I realized recently is that conventional wisdom doesn’t always work for us.

Bathtime for example doesn’t work at night. There are several reasons for this, but a big one is the fact that I work mostly in the evenings and it sucks down too much time to do kids’ baths, so I’m moving them around to see if we can find a time that does work.

Likewise, we need a regular schedule for routine maintanence for the girls. Both require regular grooming and training, so I need to come up with a routine for that.

I’ve also finally figures out that whatever I do doesn’t have to be viaible to Phil because he follows his own path anyway. Keeping detailed lists for his and my use just wastes me time as I would rather they be electronic and he just doesn’t use them when I write them.

Ben and Katie are still reasonably flexible, so anything I introduce now is fine so long as it stays consistent.

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