I have done a great deal of reading about routines, setting them up, and using them. I swear by routines as a method of making sure things don’t slip through the cracks. However, I have to be realistic about those routines in order for them to work effectively.

I learned this week that I can’t do a complete job of managing the house, the kids, and my job when my husband is working full time. It’s utterly impossible. I tried it and wore myself out by Wednesday. So, I have to rethink the way I’m approaching the whole thing.

My three favorite resources for routine development are: FlyLady, Kathy Peel, and Regina Leeds. I have a control journal a la FlyLady, but I have a lot of trouble with remembering to use it. I make use of some of the ideas from Kathy Peel — specifically the idea of thinking of myself as a family manager and working with departments, but I find a lot of her ideas completely overwhelming. Leeds is likely the best of the bunch because she’s completely not prescriptive. She gives you suggestions for places where a routine might be developed, but doesn’t have long lists or unrealistic expectations.

Currently, we’re working on what amounts to homeschooling Ben for preschool since he’s not going. We’re hoping to get him into VPK next year, but we’re not there yet. So, I figure that it wouldn’t hurt to work on some of the skills that he’ll need to be successful.

4 thoughts on “Routines

  1. I have been using Regina Leeds’ book in an attempt to get organized as well. I thought chronicling my year long attempt would keep me on track. I look forward to reading about your organizing experience and tips. I use Remember the Milk too but it does have its quirks. I’ll have to investigate your suggestions.

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    The most challenging part of Leeds’ book for me is the fact that my husband has issues with letting go of things. So, I’ve started slowly with him. I went through the kitchen and made a list of all the things I would like to remove from the kitchen. He agreed with everything on the list, so now we’re going to sort it into donation and throw away and next Friday I hope to deliver it all to the local dump.

    The Work book is also really helping me because of the whole working from home thing and it’s helping me better focus my efforts related to work.

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