Back to Work I Go

So, now I am back at work and I’m thinking, hard, about how I use my time and what gets my attention when I’m working. I’m working on my focus and trying to make sure that I approach one task at a time. I’m also putting more thought into the tools that I use to accomplish my work.

The two main pieces of hardware that I use are a laptop and a handheld device. In my case, these are a Macbook Pro and an iPod Touch. I plan to upgrade, at some point, to an iPhone and eliminate my separate cell phone, but for now, I can’t quite justify the cost. I’ve used a desktop in the past, and there is a PC desktop on the credenza behind me, but it doesn’t get a great deal of use. Because of the kids, it is so much easier to work from a laptop because I’m not tied to a location.

Ben is the kind of kid who likes to play on his own and just show me what he’s doing. He doesn’t like or want a great deal of input from me when he’s putting things together or working on, so I can sit right near him and work while he plays and he’s perfectly happy so long as I will close up the laptop the second that he wants some attention. How this will work with Katie, I don’t know. Her interactive periods are quite short right now, and I know they’ll get longer as the year progresses, so we’ll see what happens as the year progresses.

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