Blogging While Maintaining Sanity

School starts today. I know, it’s Sunday, but online education doesn’t know weekends or holidays. I am committed to growing this blog and developing it, but I also know that I have to work toward an organized approach to developing it.

I am currently planning to post three to four days a week. Most weeks, one post will be about my progress with Regina Leeds’ one year program; the other posts will be about work, home, and so forth and how those things are integrated into a life.

Kathy Peel makes the point in her book The Family Manager’s Guide for Working Moms that it’s not two jobs, it’s a life and we have to find a way to make it enjoyable.

And that is my ultimate goal. To make life enjoyable even as it is full and active and busy.

Today, I’m starting on the journaling for the Leeds project. I’ve identified my goals for the month.

  1. Walk away from my work for five minutes an hour.
  2. Make my bed.
  3. Wipe down the kitchen counters after use.

I’ve been a sometimes adherent of the FlyLady as well and I do have some routines that work for me and that I follow. I will keep working at those as well as Ben responds well to routines and he needs some structure in his day as well.

I guess I’ve been dabbling with organizing and structure for quite a while. It’s a matter of piecing things together from different systems to create my own. No one system is going to fit any one person, so it’s a matter of working out one for myself that gives my family the best of me and myself the best chance of a better life.

2 thoughts on “Blogging While Maintaining Sanity

    • Thanks, Marcia.

      It’s a new thing for me, but I’m trying to piece together how to work at home and have two children and two dogs all at the same time.

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